Reading Toledo Jewish History


Title: A History of the Toledo Jewish Community 1895-2006: A Rich Tapestry of Historical Information
Author: Noel, David M.
Published: 2015

Contents include: Author's preface ; Toledo Jewish Historical Society Members ; Neighborhoods ; Congregations ; Community Support Organizations ; Other Threads. Appendices include: Rabbis of Toledo Congregations ; Toledo Jewish Federation Leaders ; Jewish Community Center Presidents ; Darlington House Presidents ; Toledo Board of Jewish Education Directors ; Principals and Presidents ; Jewish Family Service Past Presidents ; Toledo Jewish Community Foundation Presidents ; Veterans World War I ; Veterans World War II ; Veterans Korean Conflict.

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Title: My Three Lives
Author: Markowicz, Philip
Published: 2009

Philip Markowicz has had a remarkable life. His family lived in Przerab, Poland. His father was a Chassidic Jew and a rabbi. Their lives were filled with religion and joy until the Germans invaded Poland. After the invasion, Philip's family fled to Lodz, believing they would be safer there. Like many other families, they were send to the Lodz ghetto where all members of his family, with the exception of Philip and his brother Henry perished. Eventually, they were sent to a series of concentration camps, ending the war in a death march. At the end of the war, Philip began rebuilding his life, meeting his wife in a Displaced Persons camp, moving to the United States, and beginning anew.

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Title: Congregation B'nai Israel Oral Histories: Of Members By Members
Author: Congregation B'nai Israel (Sylvania, Ohio)
Published: 2016

Congregation B'nai Israel began in Toledo, Ohio in 1866. For the 150th anniversary, over 40 synagogue members for the Oral History Project. This book documents first-hand experiences and personal life stories.

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Title: Toledo Calling
Author: B'Nai Women's Auxiliary Number 398
Published: 1943 - 1945

Toledo Calling was a bulletin published by B'Nai Women's Auxiliary Number 398. This monthly bulletin provided Toledo area happenings to Jewish men and women serving in the armed forces. This bound volume includes issues from 1943 until 1945.

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